Wood Craft Blueprints

  • What's in season?

What if you didn’t have to run around jumping from one idea to the next, trying to decide what you should make?

What if you could make more money and NOT spend more of your precious time and income?

  • What would you do with extra money each month?


Finally, learn how to use the saw!

Join us and see what YOU can accomplish!

  • Make more money and take your biz to the next level

  • Make more sales, quicker than ever before

  • Learn new skills that you can use forever

When do I get access?

What if I decide this isn't for me?

What if I'm afraid to use tools?

Will I get 1:1 support?

What if I don't have a business, and just make crafts for fun?

What's included every month?

The Wood Craft Blueprints Membership.

Woodcraft Blueprints Membership
  • Wood working can be a mastery, but we are not carving wood bowls or building grandfather clocks here, we're cutting and nailing! ​

  • Private Group

    This group is filled with driven, creative people who help each other. I love the feeling of community especially when I'm with like minded entrepreneurial women.


    We all want to be successful, and it helps when you have a team cheering you on!

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